Saturday, September 14, 2013

50 Random Facts...

Hey there Poptarts
                           I figured its time you all really had a chance to know me as a blogger, make up artist & all around awesome person (:-D). So here goes, 50 random facts about moi.....

1. I'm an introvert, so I'm hoping the next time someone asks me to tell them about myself I can just share this blog link and avoid the awkwardness of small talk. 

2. Becoming  a Make Up Artist is one best decisions I've ever made.

3. I'm totally addicted to coffee and if I don't have a cup by 8am the caffeine withdrawal kicks in overtime.

4. I'm a smoker...don't judge, I blame it on Catholic school!

5. I have an anonymous blog....who can guess the theme?!?!?!

6. I'm a singer. No not just in the shower, classically trained and I can blow!!!

7. I own 1 pair of sneakers. Stems from my childhood and thanks mom (in heaven) I have really pretty feet.

8. I'm a theology geek.

9. MY LITTLE PONY is the 'ish!!!!

10. I am beast at Gems with friends refuse to play with me now.

11. This post is easier than I thought.

12. I have a strange obsession with the color orange. 

13. I have 1 daughter.

14. My best friend is the only person that knows the true heights of my craziness...high five heaux ;-)

15.  K-Dramas make me cry.


16. I'm pretty sure that in some way I need talk therapy, but for now scotch will do!

17. My biggest struggle is not comparing myself to others. 

18. I'm in love <3

19. Touching my bellybutton will get you a black eye! #realtalk

20. I suffer from this condition:

21. I'm a dreamer. 

22. Mally Roncal is my idol. When I'm feeling a career choice low, I look to her accomplishments for a jump start!!

23. My wedding day was one of the saddest in my life. 

24. I'm allergic to cinnamon. Eating it could result in a trip to the hospital. I LOOOVVVVVVEEEE CINNAMON >_<

25. I'm halfway through this...hollaaaa

26. Nail art activates my A.D.D.

27. Coloring books are a favorite pastime. 

28. I'm afraid of birds.

30. My style is simple and preppy. Classic always looks good. 

31. I'm 5' but I have a very tall presence. 

32. Being in social settings physically & emotionally drains me. It usually takes a few days to recharge <-----True Introvert Speaking

33. In everything I do I try to remain humble. 

34. I've been blessed with the cleavage of the hot chick in an anime!!!

35. At this very moment I should be napping....

36. #11 is a lie!

37. In my opinion if all foods came in soup and sandwich form the world would be a better place. 

38. I'm a music lover, especially Arabic.

40. My Starbucks name is Monica

41. Drawn on eyebrows scare me. 

42. I'm really a nice person, and I despise when it's taken for granted!

43. I do not watch television. 

44. I will ruin a movie by blurting out the end.

45. Keeping this post PG rated has been the struggle.....

46. I hear angels sing when I buy makeup, like AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH....Yup, told you I need talk therapy -__-

47. I cannot fathom leaving the house without a large purse and mascara!

48. I still can't delete my mom's phone number. She's no longer with me but its just comfort ya know!


50. I give thanks every day for the blessings in my life. My ups and downs are all lessons which I do my best to learn from. Most of all, I give thanks for YOU...kisses!!!

Until next time