Sunday, September 29, 2013

Behind The Scenes Series: Model Behavior

Welcome my lovelies to the Color My Face Behind The Scenes Series ::insert applause::. As a makeup artist I've learn the most invaluable lessons  to success when I'm in the moment, so I figure, hey why not share with my readers. This is coming to you in an effort to help new artist, models, photographers and stylist. We all know the benefits of having a team that can work seamlessly together....AMAZING WORK!!!!

First up we're tackling the models. Now don't shy away if you're not one, chances are even when your just going out on the town with friends some of these tips will be beneficial!

Face Time Factors:

Come prepared with fresh clean skin
1. Arrive Early or On Time/ Models can be notorious for  showing up to a job late, guess what ladies/gents its not fashionable or cute...its unprofessional! Whether its a big name or unknown, paid job or trade, someone other than yourself has invested time and money into taking your pictures...respect that. Besides, you never know who knows who, who can refer whom and who can give a bad reference.

Leave beautiful

No Joke, Bathe:

2. Clean Face/Hair/Nails.....Mouth/Body- Ok I know most of you are like ummmmm, yeah that should go without me it doesn't! The cleanliness factor goes along way with your beauty & style team. Not only does it give an impression of your level of professionalism (new faces take note), it also makes the job faster for us and less daunting for you. Photographers, that means you guys get more shoot time....ya see a win win for all!

*Suggestions for those fast paced, job to job days below


3. My cheerleading coach used bang into our heads "We are a T.E.A.M., Together Everyone Achieves More!" - cheesy right? But true!
   A make up artist needs a face, a stylist needs a body just as photographer needs a subject to shoot. You my dear models need us to form you into a fabulous work of art, but you must be willing to put in the work just like the rest. That means putting down the phone, keeping conversation to a minimum and controlling your urge to look at and touch everything around you. Its an experience and a half prepping for a shoot or show and we all want to enjoy it....guess what, the faster we finish the more you get to take in! Think about it.
Model Lisa K. knows how to let go....

Camera Ready:

4. Having a carefree, easy spirited attitude when approaching a new job is one of the BEST accessories you can carry. I know some of you fresh faces may be apprehensive and some of you pro's may think you know it all, but remember this - BREATHE! Before you walk in front of that camera inhale & exhale, let go of whatever you have racing through your mind and focus on the direction you need to for the job! If it's happening on the inside, it resonates outside. Your eyes, lips, skin color change from emotions and that takes part in what is captured by the camera.

Be Thankful:

5. So the show is over, the shoot has wrapped and all you want to do is go grab a kale salad and venti unsweetened whatever - before you bolt, take 5 minutes to say a sincere...I repeat sincere thank you to your team. You've made an impression on them for the time of the job now the question is will it last in a favorable manor? That's all on you! Snatching a card and walking away is a huge no-no. Try quick handshake with 'thanks for your time' or 'it was lovely working with you' get the idea...these little things are what shape your character for referrals  and most importantly more work!!!

These were my top 5 pieces of advice for new models. There will be much more you'll see sprinkled through out the remainder of the series. Everything we as individual artist do affects the entire project, and we all have a common goal....making it the best a client has ever seen!
*Model on the go Must Haves
(individually wrapped, 1 cloth for entire face)
 (possible the best refresher toner EVER)
(#1 choice of Makeup Artist)
(lips, hands, elbows - if its dry this will fix it)
I do hope you all enjoy this series, please leave comments and feedback! I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Until next time, KISSSES


Models Featured:
Alana Mangru
Lisa Kusanagi 
Photographers Featured:
Max Pizzaro
Raviraj Gulrajani
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Luv The World

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