Monday, September 9, 2013

Get the look: Nicole Miller @ MBFW ft. Alcone at Home

Hey there Poptarts
                          Day 2 (I'm late I know, don't hate me) and designer Nicole Miller was on the catwalk. Florals, patterns and artistic designs rules her show. 

Seriously the CUTEST part of the show...model jumble

The runway is always hot but backstage is where you really get a feel of what's happening. And what caught my eye was of course the faces. 

Bold monochromatic (yes, it's all about one color...take note) eyes in browns and taupes had me overjoyed. Not to mention the raspberry bold lips....LOVE!!!! Eyebrows were pronounced, definitely couldn't miss them. 

Lets start with the face, a demi-matte look can be achieved with the Alcone at Home foundation that best suits you, along with the AAH foundation brush. Use downward strokes to achieve this finish with good coverage. 

Bold yet wearable eyebrows are simple. Opt for a color about 2 shades lighter than your hair color. For myself I'd choose AAH eyeshadow # 8 . With the Alcone slanted liner brush start at the arch and apply short strokes of color building as you go. Once you've tackle the end move your strokes gradually from the middle of the brow to the beginning in the direction of the it?!? Trust me its simple. 

Now those gorgeous lips!!! To achieve that perfect deep berry opt for the Alcone  Girls Night Out palette. Apply #6  all over lips as your base. Mix #'s 4  & 5  to achieve your perfect deep berry. Last line the outer portion of your lips in #5 only and blend towards the center.

Now toss that hair up into a half crowned messy braid and let the street be your runway ~_^ 

Until next time,
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