Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flawless Foundation w/ Alcone at Home

Autumn is upon us and its time to start making transitions in all things. Sandals to boots, flowey tops to chunky sweaters and of course setting aside that tinted moisturizer that took you through the summer heat for its much more sophisticated sister - foundation!

I always begin my foundation with a clean  & moisturized face. Since I have very oily skin I skip the lotions and face cream before applying my makeup. Instead I use pure rose water. This tones and adds light moisture to my skin which is ideal. I follow with my primer of choice then it's makeup time. 

First I start with Alcone At Home concealer by DermaColor in #5. Using the AAH concealer brush I lightly stroke the concealer under my eye area and in between my brows in an upwards motion.

Next I blend my AAH concealer lightly with my index finger under my eyes, pulling slightly down to the outer edges of my nose. I also blend out the concealer between my eyebrows up towards my forehead and down the bridge of my nose. This highlights my face so my under eyes are brighter and my nose a bit sharper.

Using AAH foundation by RCMA in MB6 and the Alcone foundation brush I lightly apply to the remainder of my face and blend out with wither my fingers or a wet Alcone sponge (sheerer coverage).  This foundation is mineral oil free and perfect for my oily skin.
I follow up with light contouring under my cheek bones and on the sides of my nose. Blending out the harsh lines is key to making your contouring look natural.
Once all is done, I do a slight dusting with my AAH invisible Perfect Pressed Powder and I have a trusty 10hr+ no fail foundation application!

Yesterdays make w/ Alcone at Home foundation, and no I do not have an explanation for that never-ending smirk of mine....::sigh::

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