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Behind The Scenes Series: Model Behavior

Welcome my lovelies to the Color My Face Behind The Scenes Series ::insert applause::. As a makeup artist I've learn the most invaluable lessons  to success when I'm in the moment, so I figure, hey why not share with my readers. This is coming to you in an effort to help new artist, models, photographers and stylist. We all know the benefits of having a team that can work seamlessly together....AMAZING WORK!!!!

First up we're tackling the models. Now don't shy away if you're not one, chances are even when your just going out on the town with friends some of these tips will be beneficial!

Face Time Factors:

Come prepared with fresh clean skin
1. Arrive Early or On Time/ Models can be notorious for  showing up to a job late, guess what ladies/gents its not fashionable or cute...its unprofessional! Whether its a big name or unknown, paid job or trade, someone other than yourself has invested time and money into taking your pictures...respect that. Besides, you never know who knows who, who can refer whom and who can give a bad reference.

Leave beautiful

No Joke, Bathe:

2. Clean Face/Hair/Nails.....Mouth/Body- Ok I know most of you are like ummmmm, yeah that should go without me it doesn't! The cleanliness factor goes along way with your beauty & style team. Not only does it give an impression of your level of professionalism (new faces take note), it also makes the job faster for us and less daunting for you. Photographers, that means you guys get more shoot time....ya see a win win for all!

*Suggestions for those fast paced, job to job days below


3. My cheerleading coach used bang into our heads "We are a T.E.A.M., Together Everyone Achieves More!" - cheesy right? But true!
   A make up artist needs a face, a stylist needs a body just as photographer needs a subject to shoot. You my dear models need us to form you into a fabulous work of art, but you must be willing to put in the work just like the rest. That means putting down the phone, keeping conversation to a minimum and controlling your urge to look at and touch everything around you. Its an experience and a half prepping for a shoot or show and we all want to enjoy it....guess what, the faster we finish the more you get to take in! Think about it.
Model Lisa K. knows how to let go....

Camera Ready:

4. Having a carefree, easy spirited attitude when approaching a new job is one of the BEST accessories you can carry. I know some of you fresh faces may be apprehensive and some of you pro's may think you know it all, but remember this - BREATHE! Before you walk in front of that camera inhale & exhale, let go of whatever you have racing through your mind and focus on the direction you need to for the job! If it's happening on the inside, it resonates outside. Your eyes, lips, skin color change from emotions and that takes part in what is captured by the camera.

Be Thankful:

5. So the show is over, the shoot has wrapped and all you want to do is go grab a kale salad and venti unsweetened whatever - before you bolt, take 5 minutes to say a sincere...I repeat sincere thank you to your team. You've made an impression on them for the time of the job now the question is will it last in a favorable manor? That's all on you! Snatching a card and walking away is a huge no-no. Try quick handshake with 'thanks for your time' or 'it was lovely working with you' get the idea...these little things are what shape your character for referrals  and most importantly more work!!!

These were my top 5 pieces of advice for new models. There will be much more you'll see sprinkled through out the remainder of the series. Everything we as individual artist do affects the entire project, and we all have a common goal....making it the best a client has ever seen!
*Model on the go Must Haves
(individually wrapped, 1 cloth for entire face)
 (possible the best refresher toner EVER)
(#1 choice of Makeup Artist)
(lips, hands, elbows - if its dry this will fix it)
I do hope you all enjoy this series, please leave comments and feedback! I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Until next time, KISSSES


Models Featured:
Alana Mangru
Lisa Kusanagi 
Photographers Featured:
Max Pizzaro
Raviraj Gulrajani
Designers Featured:
Luv The World

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ticket 2 Bollywood

Namaskar Poptarts

        You guys know how much love I have for Bollywood, and if you do as well and want to break into the business you must attend the upcoming  Cinema Beyond Boundaries. Molecule
Communications along with SAG-AFTRA & SAV/NYC will bring you a two day conference allowing a platform of shared information on "how to" for production resources and promotion marketing. This conference will connect filmmakers, musicians and industry insiders.

Industry leaders from the East such as Producer/Director Madhur Bhandarkar (Fashion, Heroine) and Screenwriter/Director Sanjay Gupta (Shootout at Lokhandwala, Kaante) will join forces with those from the west Actor Reshma Shetty (Royal Pains, Bombay Dreams) and Screenwriter Danny Strong* (The Butler). These film and tv stars will be there to speak, share and answer your questions on what it takes to be a success in todays world of Bollywood. From film making to production, acting to dance....they'll have you covered. And since Bollywood is the largest film making industry in the world I'm positive their advice will be invaluable whether you're hailing from the east or west!

Best of all this is a free event by invitation only (yes, I hooked you up - thank me later)!

Register here and come out to learn from the best

Until next time,

*Awaiting Confirmation

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flawless Foundation w/ Alcone at Home

Autumn is upon us and its time to start making transitions in all things. Sandals to boots, flowey tops to chunky sweaters and of course setting aside that tinted moisturizer that took you through the summer heat for its much more sophisticated sister - foundation!

I always begin my foundation with a clean  & moisturized face. Since I have very oily skin I skip the lotions and face cream before applying my makeup. Instead I use pure rose water. This tones and adds light moisture to my skin which is ideal. I follow with my primer of choice then it's makeup time. 

First I start with Alcone At Home concealer by DermaColor in #5. Using the AAH concealer brush I lightly stroke the concealer under my eye area and in between my brows in an upwards motion.

Next I blend my AAH concealer lightly with my index finger under my eyes, pulling slightly down to the outer edges of my nose. I also blend out the concealer between my eyebrows up towards my forehead and down the bridge of my nose. This highlights my face so my under eyes are brighter and my nose a bit sharper.

Using AAH foundation by RCMA in MB6 and the Alcone foundation brush I lightly apply to the remainder of my face and blend out with wither my fingers or a wet Alcone sponge (sheerer coverage).  This foundation is mineral oil free and perfect for my oily skin.
I follow up with light contouring under my cheek bones and on the sides of my nose. Blending out the harsh lines is key to making your contouring look natural.
Once all is done, I do a slight dusting with my AAH invisible Perfect Pressed Powder and I have a trusty 10hr+ no fail foundation application!

Yesterdays make w/ Alcone at Home foundation, and no I do not have an explanation for that never-ending smirk of mine....::sigh::

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.......You'll love them all ~_^

Love and Hugs <3
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

50 Random Facts...

Hey there Poptarts
                           I figured its time you all really had a chance to know me as a blogger, make up artist & all around awesome person (:-D). So here goes, 50 random facts about moi.....

1. I'm an introvert, so I'm hoping the next time someone asks me to tell them about myself I can just share this blog link and avoid the awkwardness of small talk. 

2. Becoming  a Make Up Artist is one best decisions I've ever made.

3. I'm totally addicted to coffee and if I don't have a cup by 8am the caffeine withdrawal kicks in overtime.

4. I'm a smoker...don't judge, I blame it on Catholic school!

5. I have an anonymous blog....who can guess the theme?!?!?!

6. I'm a singer. No not just in the shower, classically trained and I can blow!!!

7. I own 1 pair of sneakers. Stems from my childhood and thanks mom (in heaven) I have really pretty feet.

8. I'm a theology geek.

9. MY LITTLE PONY is the 'ish!!!!

10. I am beast at Gems with friends refuse to play with me now.

11. This post is easier than I thought.

12. I have a strange obsession with the color orange. 

13. I have 1 daughter.

14. My best friend is the only person that knows the true heights of my craziness...high five heaux ;-)

15.  K-Dramas make me cry.


16. I'm pretty sure that in some way I need talk therapy, but for now scotch will do!

17. My biggest struggle is not comparing myself to others. 

18. I'm in love <3

19. Touching my bellybutton will get you a black eye! #realtalk

20. I suffer from this condition:

21. I'm a dreamer. 

22. Mally Roncal is my idol. When I'm feeling a career choice low, I look to her accomplishments for a jump start!!

23. My wedding day was one of the saddest in my life. 

24. I'm allergic to cinnamon. Eating it could result in a trip to the hospital. I LOOOVVVVVVEEEE CINNAMON >_<

25. I'm halfway through this...hollaaaa

26. Nail art activates my A.D.D.

27. Coloring books are a favorite pastime. 

28. I'm afraid of birds.

30. My style is simple and preppy. Classic always looks good. 

31. I'm 5' but I have a very tall presence. 

32. Being in social settings physically & emotionally drains me. It usually takes a few days to recharge <-----True Introvert Speaking

33. In everything I do I try to remain humble. 

34. I've been blessed with the cleavage of the hot chick in an anime!!!

35. At this very moment I should be napping....

36. #11 is a lie!

37. In my opinion if all foods came in soup and sandwich form the world would be a better place. 

38. I'm a music lover, especially Arabic.

40. My Starbucks name is Monica

41. Drawn on eyebrows scare me. 

42. I'm really a nice person, and I despise when it's taken for granted!

43. I do not watch television. 

44. I will ruin a movie by blurting out the end.

45. Keeping this post PG rated has been the struggle.....

46. I hear angels sing when I buy makeup, like AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH....Yup, told you I need talk therapy -__-

47. I cannot fathom leaving the house without a large purse and mascara!

48. I still can't delete my mom's phone number. She's no longer with me but its just comfort ya know!


50. I give thanks every day for the blessings in my life. My ups and downs are all lessons which I do my best to learn from. Most of all, I give thanks for YOU...kisses!!!

Until next time

Monday, September 9, 2013

MASTER CLASS w/ Reggie Wells

Exciting News Poptarts 
                   New York's own makeup wonderland will be hosting a once in a lifetime Master Pro Class with the one and only Reggie Wells. This Emmy Award winning artist has had his work grace the the pages of Glamour, Madmoiselle, Harper's Bazar and over 100 issues of O Magazine. He has also spent the majority of his professional career as personal makeup artist to the illustrious Oprah Winfrey herself. 

Mr. Wells will be sharing his trade secrets for brides, moms, the everyday woman and if course pros! 

Alcone NYC and Alcone At Home will have a pop up shop on location with professional products. For the pro session they're even offering a 30% discount! As an added bonus if you register prior to Saturday 9/13 for both pro classes you will get the discount rate of $400 and be able to bring a friend for free!!!! There will also be a contest running to have your makeup done by Reggie himself, details are on my Facebook page Color My Face.

Just one more thing to make your hearts melt. Alcone will be donating a portion of the proceeds to a local elementary school...just too freaking awesome! 

So come out, learn, buy and contribute to the community all while enjoying a day filled with makeup and a living legend.

See you there ~_^

Sunday, 9/15 | W Hotel Times Square NYC

**Space is limited**

9am-12pm: For the Everyday Woman :: Celeb Secrets & Fall Makeup Trends Straight From the Runway :: $75

1pm-4pm: PRO MASTER Class:  Reggie's Trade Secrets: Watching the Master at Work :: $298

4:30pm-6pm: PRO MASTER Class:  Getting and Keeping Celebrity Clients: Career Advice :: $149

Register for Both PRO MASTER Classes with Reggie :: $400 *special discount only available through 9/13/2013


Don't forget to check out Mercedes Benz Fashion Week coverage and more on Reggie Wells from my ladies @
FTC Disclosure:  I am affiliated with this Alcone at Home.  I have purchased all Alcone at Home featured products and I will receive a commission through any items purchased through the links provided.  All opinions provided are of my own honest assessment.

Get the look: Nicole Miller @ MBFW ft. Alcone at Home

Hey there Poptarts
                          Day 2 (I'm late I know, don't hate me) and designer Nicole Miller was on the catwalk. Florals, patterns and artistic designs rules her show. 

Seriously the CUTEST part of the show...model jumble

The runway is always hot but backstage is where you really get a feel of what's happening. And what caught my eye was of course the faces. 

Bold monochromatic (yes, it's all about one color...take note) eyes in browns and taupes had me overjoyed. Not to mention the raspberry bold lips....LOVE!!!! Eyebrows were pronounced, definitely couldn't miss them. 

Lets start with the face, a demi-matte look can be achieved with the Alcone at Home foundation that best suits you, along with the AAH foundation brush. Use downward strokes to achieve this finish with good coverage. 

Bold yet wearable eyebrows are simple. Opt for a color about 2 shades lighter than your hair color. For myself I'd choose AAH eyeshadow # 8 . With the Alcone slanted liner brush start at the arch and apply short strokes of color building as you go. Once you've tackle the end move your strokes gradually from the middle of the brow to the beginning in the direction of the it?!? Trust me its simple. 

Now those gorgeous lips!!! To achieve that perfect deep berry opt for the Alcone  Girls Night Out palette. Apply #6  all over lips as your base. Mix #'s 4  & 5  to achieve your perfect deep berry. Last line the outer portion of your lips in #5 only and blend towards the center.

Now toss that hair up into a half crowned messy braid and let the street be your runway ~_^ 

Until next time,
If you're interested in learning more about Alcone at Home click HERE!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Get The Look: Desigual @ MBFW ft. Alcone At Home

Hey there poptarts 
                            The title says it all but of course I ramble ;) Today the colourful creations of Desigual graced the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and I had the pleasure of viewing the fashion explosion live! 

First lets talk runway. Models were of course at that level of goddess beautiful and they werked the catwalk. Desigual is known for their colorful, fun loving clothes and today's show was no disappointment in those departments. Colors, patterns, prints...simply everything spring! 

Backstage and on the catwalk Desigual screams "WE KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN"

Now on to what you really want to know, MAKEUP!!!! Simple, dewey and fresh faced. Monochromatic soft eyes in peaches and rose. The cheeks followed suit but gave each model that flushed/freshly pinched appeal. For the lips, the models sported a bit more color but stayed true to the tones. They had a slight matte effect but not overly done. In other words you can rip this look straight from the catwalk to the street. It's that wearer friendly. 

Here's a look at one of the Desigual models backstage. 

Acheive this flawless look with some of my favs from Alcone At Home. 

Face- mix Embryolisee Lait Creme Concentre with the AAH foundation shade that best suits you

Eye- reach for blush #3 (yes blush) and sweep across your lids. It'll give the perfect rosey/peach combo but not over power the eye. And it flatters EVERY skintone. 

Cheeks- dab your angled AAH blush brush into both blushers #1 & #4 and sweep the apples of your cheeks.

Lips- mix lip shades #7 & #8 or #6 & #7 (both look great) and apply to lips. Dab a few touches of lipgloss colors Peace or Grace to the bottom lip and blend out.

You're now officially catwalk ready!

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If you would like to learn more about Alcone At Home visit www.alconeathome/colormyface 

FTC Disclosure:  I am affiliated with this Alcone at Home.  I have purchased all Alcone at Home featured products and I will receive a commission through any items purchased through the links provided.  All opinions provided are of my own honest assessment.