Monday, October 22, 2012

Makeup Mondays

Become An Illusionist 

 Having a the look of bigger eyes can make a face very appealing. A few small steps can take a simple look and amp it of knock-out! Once you've competed your shadow, follow these simple steps to boost your overall eye look [Don't wear shadow everyday? Try it anyway, still works wonders]: 

 1. Eyeliner can be a friend or foe. For an every day doe eyed look, skip lining the entire lid.  Use liner on the top from the outer corner to the middle (less is definitely more in this case, stop at the middle) of you upper lash line. Slim the line as you go, so your end result will be thicker on the outer corner and fade down. Follow by lining the bottom waterline from the outer corner into 1/4 to 1/2 of the lash line (use your discretion, it all depends on what you like so play with it). Once you've line the bottom waterline, squeeze your eye shut for a few seconds, this will transfer liner to the upper water line and give the base of your lashes a darker appearance.

 2. Follow with mascara. Start with the lower lashes, many of us look past this step but a little mascara on the bottom lash really helps when you want a full open eye. Move to the upper lashes, starting with curling the lashes (if needed) to open your eye even more. Begin applying mascara at the base and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle up. Remember to catch the inner lashes, and sweep the outer lashes outwards. This will fan out your lashes. Do a quick sweep over the top of the lashes as well, distributing color to the lash tips and covering and possible fall out from shadow. 

 3. Finally, use a highlighter, sparkle or just brighter shadow in the inner corner of you eye. Pull it across the bottom lash line slightly, I'd say about 1/4 towards the center. 

 4. Try to pull your gorgeous self away from the'll be hard, but you can do it ~_^ 

 Product Suggestions 
 *Clio Gelpresso Brown waterproof liner is dark but soft, try it you'll like it! 
 Best bet to find is in a Korean cosmetics store $25 

 *Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara for bottom lashes, the short bristled brush is perfect 
Drugstore $8.99 

 *Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express, the flexible and wispy and AWESOME!!! 
Drugstore $7 

 History Lesson 

 Rimmel & Maybelline are pioneers in the mascara business, introducing us the product we now know, love and may be slightly obsessed with!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CMF Classes now on Classtivity

Exciting News

Check out Color My Face on Classtivity

We joined Classtivity because we believe finding a class shouldn't be harder than taking one. Classtivity connects users with thousands of fitness and recreational classes, all searchable by time and location. This means you'll be spending a lot less time looking--and a lot more time learning. 

**Details of classes will post closer to start date on the Classtivity site. All details and DISCOUNTS for the classes offered can be found in the Events section of Color My Face Facebook page.**

Here is a look at the upcoming classes

1. Introduction -
*review itinerary
*discussion on types of skin
*sanitation (skin, brushes & makeup)
* demonstration on washing face and brushes

2. Classic Neutral  Eye and Liner
*which Neutrals work best for your tone
*Day and night Neutral looks
*Liner options
*Practicing technique for both

3. Fall/Winter 2012 trends
* Green & Blue eyes
* Deep red Lips
*Weathered cheeks
*Geometric liner, color blocking shadow & matte lips

4. Deeper look at primer, concealer, foundation and contouring
*Which primer/concealer/foundation works best for your skin, your problem areas
*Which season to use certain products for different types of skin
*how to contour properly and where for your face

4. Eastern Bridal vs. Western Bridal
*the differences in makeup looks
*applying photo worthy makeup
*accomplishing both on your big day

 6. Boardroom to Dance floor
*Taking your office look and turning it into night on the town worthy
*Preparing your at work emergency makeup bag

7. Skin care for your specific type
*routines and why they are so important
*extras: masks, peels and facial treatment
*really knowing your skin and what its telling you

8. Having fun with color
*how to match you makeup and clothes without being too “matchy”
*embracing more colors and incorporating them into your routine
*going bold without going overboard

9. Final class
*contest & giveaway

*Itinerary of classes are subject to change in order not content*

Color My Face Makeup Artistry Class