Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eeeep, I'm blogging too!!!!!

 HELLO DARLINGS  Welcome to the first blog posting of Color My Face.

For those of you familiar with me you are well aware that I am a makeup/beauty junkie. The addiction runs deep and I probably need a 12-step program but I digress…I just love makeup. Moreover, for the newbies, please reference the sentence before (I’m also a smarty-pants, do not hold it against me).

Anyhoo, here’s a little background on Color My Face. It all started earlier this year while doing makeup (6 straight hours of makeup) for a Bollywood Dance production in NYC. While glamming up some already beautiful women a few inquired about me teaching makeup classes. I thought to myself “ummm, they cannot be serious”, but once the fifth person approached me it sparked a little something in the back of my mind. After a few months of mulling over the idea, I ran it across a few friends and received surprisingly unanimous thumbs up.

Beautiful story right…guess what, there’s more!

 So, I gathered ideas of what I wanted to teach and decided to keep things very simple. Then it was pick a date and see who responds time, but first I needed to make this event special to me…make it my own if you will. It took a little while to really dig deep and figure out why I love makeup so much. And as most things in our lives it stems from my childhood. I loved color…I loved coloring….I loved finger-painting, and honestly anything artistic. Truth be told, if you give me a coloring book right now I’d be at it for hours. That’s when I had my ‘lightbulb’ moment and Color My Face was born. I sent out an invite and the classes were a success.

As a result of the classes a Facebook page ( was started and now this blog.  Like I said before I’m a makeup/beauty junkie and I adore finding & trying new products, suggesting what I think may be of quality and helpful to someone wanting to pump up their pretty, annndddd I’m pretty good at just rambling about anything I think is super awesome especially if the color is gorgeous…and orange…I LOVE orange!!!!

With this blog and your comments, suggestions and thoughts I hope to explore a plethora of ways we can keep ourselves looking and feeling beautiful always.

Thank you all for embarking on this journey with me…I think we’ll have fun together ~_^