Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Transitioning Summer Makeup to Fall

Hey there Poptarts, I know its been forever since I've blogged for you all but trust me when I say your girl has been swamped! But, good news....I'M BACKKKKK....and I've got some terrific new posts coming your way, so lets jump right in.

As you can tell from the title this will be about what I consider to be some essentials for smooth transitions between the summer to autumn seasons. And lucky for you they can all be found in one place - Alcone at Home.

Quality but compact brushes - So yeah, I know you're already like huh?? But lets be honest with ourselves here...September is the real woman's New Year....and we get super busy. Whether its rejoining that pilates class we neglected during the summer, falling back into real work mode after all the vacations taken, toting the kiddies off to school or flaunting the new yet oh so fab autumn wardrobe (we all know the best clothes are sported during this season), we are BUSY! And this is where the brushes come in. Having a set of high quality bushes that can take care of every part of your face and fit snuggly in a gym or that new Gherardini is priceless.

The Favorite Brush Set from Alcone at Home is a perfect choice. At first glance you see 4, but realize you have 8 professional grade brushes in a handy little waterproof chocolate toned case....just too cute!

You get a powder brush, an angled powder brush, a blush brush, a concealer/foundation brush, a shadow brush, a liner brush, an angled liner brush, and a lip brush with this set and they are a dream to use.

Gorgeous lips are a must for any season, but seriously I've done soo many shades of nudes, bright purples and pinks that I feel the need to pack away the summer fun and pull out the autumn siren!

The Fired Up Lip Palette will take you from the beach babe to runway glam in no time! Fall lines are being previewed all over the world and reds are definitely the lip look you'll want! Trust me, if designers are requesting it you're going to want that feisty pout as well. This Alcone at home lip palette comes with three beautiful and creamy shades for you to choose from. Use them alone, mix and match...make it your own, then rock it out!

The magnetic palette also comes equipped with a mirror and mini lip & shadow brush.

Eyes to die for are a no brainer during the fall season. The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are falling and your smoldering stare will be turning heads.

The 9-Shade Must-Have Eyeshadow Palette is exactly what you'll need to get the perfect eye with every try! From shimmer to matte, highlighting to smoked out and everything in between this palette is hands down a MUST HAVE. Monochromatic is trending for fall and these highly pigmented shades would be perfect alone or in a myriad of different combos.

A perfect selection of neutral, rose and smokey tones....I just love them.

That's all for now but while you're here, check out my fellow bloggers and see their tips on transitioning makeup from summer to fall.

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.......You'll love them all ~_^

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